UFO Alien Invasion Hacking

UFO Alien Invasion (UFO AI) is an XCOM tribute game. UFO AI uses the Quake 2 code released by Id several years ago under the GNU General Public License. This is a very good thing for at least two reasons. First, Olle Kallander wrote an excellent book describing the Quake2 API; and second, Quake2 uses OpenGL which is easily ported to non-MS systems.


UFOAI TD1 Revision 27 - Bug fixes and minor improvements

Windows and linux binaries. Includes all the previous patches, plus the following:

UFOAI TD1 Revision 20 - More improvements by Rob Rendell

Windows and linux binaries now available! Includes all the previous patches, plus the following:

UFOAI TD1 Subversion Server

Are you interested in hacking the UFOAI game? If you are, then please consider using the public subversion server. Subversion is a version control system. It is easy to use under windows or *nix. You can download a free manual: Version Control with Subversion

The URL for the server is svn://radagast.bglug.ca/ufoai_td1. For instance, if you are using linux, you would checkout the code using this command:

bash$ svn checkout svn://radagast.bglug.ca/ufoai_td1

Patch 02: Lots of improvements, thanks to Rob Rendell!

Patch p02: revision 15 on the subversion server. Linux binaries, sorry no windows binaries yet. If a windows user compiles the patch 2 source, please send me a set of the binaries.

Patch 01: Zoom out, First Person Camera, and Minimum Skill

Zoom. Zoom the camera out, see the whole battlefield.. The zoom patch was written by dwitch and posted to the UFOAI Coding Forum. I copied into this unified patch.

First Person Camera. Change the camera location and angle to the currently selected player. To do it, pull down the quake console and execute the "cameramode" command (or bind this command to a key).

Minimum Skill. When Tech Demo #1 generates character attributes (strength, speed, dexterity, etc) it assigns a uniformly random value between 0 and 190. Patch 01 changes this to a uniformly random value between 50 and 190.

Patch p01: ufoai_td1_p01.diff.gz, Linux binaries, Windows binaries.