Removing nautilus...

Carlos O'Donell Jr.
Thu, 26 Apr 2001 01:44:02 -0400

Like any challenge, I attempted to remove nautilus, only to find that I didn't know how.


0. Startx

1. Kill all processes beloning to Nautilus (oafd,magicdev,gconfd-1,nautilus)

Keep killing them! If they respawn, then use killall and kill -9 for a good dose.
They must all be dead before continuing!!

2. run "/usr/bin/save-session --gui" to save the current gnome session.
(yeah, you don't need the --gui, but it is nice and warm to get a prompt box :)

3. Exit X.

4. Become root.

5. Edit /user/share/gnome/default-session and remove all sections referancing "nautilus"

6. Edit ~/.gnome/session remove all sections referancing "nautilus"
When editing the "session" file you must renumber all the item entries, and then change
the num_clients entry at the end to match the new number of client connections :)
(I had 17 with the nautilus stuff, and only 14 when I removed them, remember that client 0 counts!)

7. Startx

8. "ps aux www" is nautilus running? Yes? Then go back to 1. and start again.

9. Nautilus was not running, so we save the session again "save-session" (who needs a gui).

Done, you should be running nautilus free.
No nautilus in your user session, and no nautilus in your defualt-session :)