Harry Potter Championship Quidditch Instructions

I lost the original instructions. The PDF on the web is small, blurry and very hard to read. Here is my summary: some copied from the Mattel pdf; some original. All trademarks property of original owners.


Score as many quaffles as you can. The player with the most points after catching the golden snitch wins the game.


  1. Make sure that batteries (2xC cell) are installed and they have adequate charge. DO NOT USE RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES.

  2. Load two golden snitches into the back chute of the tower.

  3. Decide how many quaffles will be used for the game. I recommend two or four but the game ships with eight quaffles … you can use all eight if you want.

  4. Put the quaffles in the quidditch field, an equal number for each player

  5. Turn on the game.

Let’s Play

  1. Flip the start switch to the ON position. The hoops will start spinning.

  2. Use your handle to aim the figure at the hoops.

  3. Pressing the button causes the figures arm to scoop up a quaffle (one of the small red balls) and throw it forward

  4. When a quaffle passes through the hoop it will trip the scoring mechanism in the centre of the hoop and add 10 points to the player’s score. The game automatically keeps track of the players’ scores.

  5. After two and a half minutes of game play with no scoring the game automatically shuts off. This zeroes both players’ scores. To reactivate the game move the power switch to the off position then back to the on position or trigger one of the scoring mechanisms.

The Golden Snitch

  1. The tower holds two golden snitches at a time. These should always be loaded in the BACK chute of the tower. DO NOT INSERT ANY OTHER OBJECTS IN THE TOWER OR LOOK DOWN INTO THE TOWER WHILE THE GAME IS RUNNING.

  2. During the game players must remain alert for the appearance of the golden snitch. It randomly launches from the tower and both players must simultaneously attempt to catch it.

  3. If the golden snitch bounces off either the playing surface or the floor before someone can grab it then that golden snitch is out of play. The players resume their game and wait for the appearance of the second golden snitch.

  4. If the players fail to catch the second golden snitch then both players must stop throwing quaffles while they reload the two snitches into the back chute of the tower.

  5. Once the snitches have been reloaded the players may resume play.

  6. When a player catches a golden snitch that player presses the button on their side of the tower. This ends the game.

  7. The player who catches the golden snitch wins 150 points. The game adds up the final score and announces the winning house followed by that players score. Next comes the announcement of the losing house and that players score.

  8. Pressing either golden snitch button after the final score will repeat the score.

  9. If neither player catches the golden snitch by the time the score reaches 10,000 points then the game automatically ends.

Mount your brooms and get the match underway!

Scoring Sound Effects

  1. The scoring system uses sound effects to indicate the house and the score.

  2. The Slitherin sound is hissing with a rattling at the end.

  3. The Griffendor sound is roaring of a lion.

  4. For scoring, a honking sound is one hundred; a cymbal sound is ten. There might be a thousand sound but I’ve never scored that high.