Battle Simulator v2.0


This application uses a monte carlo method to estimate the probable outcomes of a A&A Europe or A&A Pacific battle.

Stalemate: The calculator correctly handles sub/dst/ftr interaction and other forms of stalemate.

Amphibious attacks: If an attacking force contains both army and navy units, the calculator will automatically adjust for amphibious attack. If you intend to calculate the odds for a naval battle, then make sure that there are no army units in the attacker's list. Conversely, if the attack is amphibious, it must include at least one naval unit (i.e. a transport). If an attack contains no naval units, then the calculator will not calculate amphibious attack.

Errors: The calculator checks for simple mistakes. When the simulator detects an error, all results will be 100 and an error message will appear in the message box. Common errors are:

  • Save air cannot be combined with must take.
  • Amphibous attack cannot be made against a defending force which includes naval units
  • Navy units cannot attack land units without an amphibious land unit
  • Army units cannot attack naval units
  • Must take requires at least one land unit.

Save air: There are two save air options. Absolute save air means that if there is any chance of an attacking air unit being hit, then the air units must retreat. Average save air means that if there is an average chance of an air unit being hit then the air units must retreat. The average number of attackers lost is calculated by adding the defence factors of all defenders (except subs) and dividing by six.

OOL: OOL values represent the loss precedence. Units with lower loss precedence are lost before units with higher precedence. For instance, if you want everything else to be lost before your bombers, change the bomber ool value to 99.

Installation: This file contains the source, which has been precompiled for my platform (i686-linux-gnu). If necessary, you can recompile for your own platform by entering " make " in the top level directory. " make install " should install it on your system.

License: This application is distributed under the GNU General Public License.