Calculating Master Factor for a ski race using Zone4

Calculating master factor with zone4 is easy if you do it right. Of course, it took me a few races to figure out how to get it right. Hopefully these notes will save you and me time in the future.

First you must include the adaptive or time factored categories feature:

Next you must select certain Field Options:

Now verify that the Tools are available:

Verify that the Gender field is set correctly for every racer

Verify Age or Date of Birth

If you have DOB, then click on Tools and click on "Calculate Age from DOB". You will see a pop up box asking on what date do you want the racers age. Usually at nordic races age is calculated as of 1 Jan of the race year. E.G. for a race held on 29 Jan 2016, age is calculated as of 1/1/2016

Now click the tools menu and click on "Assign master factors" Zone4 will ask if you are sure. Click Yes.

When you calculate results there is a trick you must do to have the Overall places set correctly.

  1. calculate results and select "Calculate as Combined". This will force the correct values into the "Overall" field.
  2. Calculate results again but this time select "Calculate as sub categories".

You can now view results. Enable the "Overall" "RealTime" "Factor" and "Time" fields

Done. That was easy ;-)